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Welcome to Dzurik LLC!

David Dzurik, founder,  here. I just wanted to give you some background on why I do what I do. My great grandma is a chef. I learned a lot from him. When I first got diagnosed with cancer, I remember going through my news feeds not knowing what’s to come. I had lost my eye sight, my sense of taste and smell. My doctor recommended that I try cannabis and antioxidants to boost my immune system and overall health. I thought of my Grandma. I began making fruit infused tea. It helped! I wanted to share my tea. I helped supply local clubs with tea- making it available to the public. Everyone who tried it, raved about it. My tea is now world famous. It’s incredible. What did I do in response? I created my own line of coffee with just as outstanding of quality! If you haven’t gotten the chance to try my teas and coffees you are missing out and absolutely need to order!

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